Ushining Portable LED String Light – LED Rope Lights for Camping, Hiking, Safety, Emergencies ( white )

Ushining Portable LED String Light - LED Rope Lights for Camping, Hiking, Safety, Emergencies ( white )
  • USB-powered, waterproof IP67, LED rope lights producing 350 (5ft) lumens of light. Also includes noodle ties, embedded and sliding magnets, utility loop for easy hanging, and a rip-stop nylon carry bag designed to diffuse light and double as a tent lamp, hiking lamp or LED lantern. Battery and power bank not included.
  • You can use these portable LED string lights for anything. Add it to your collection of backpacking and camping essentials, use it as a safety light for kids and pets, or as bright, fun lights to make any party that much better. The LED rope USB plug is reversible and universal so you can use any USB battery pack.
  • With universal noodle ties, magnets and a utility loop, this LED rope is easy to hang wherever you need it. Your friends and family will be impressed when you use this great lighting system on your patio, in your backyard or as a camping lights string to light up your camping area.
  • Drape this LED light strip around you and your kids while you take a walk at night, keep it in the glove box as an emergency safety tool in case your car breaks down after the sun sets, or wear it as you ride your bike around town.
  • Lantern mode : Turn your light rope into a lantern with the included rip-stop nylon bag designed to diffuse light and allow for easy carrying and hanging.

It’s completely waterproof, flexible, ultra-bright ambient lighting solution that can be hung, strung, hooked, stuck to or wrapped around basically anything.

Using it at your home . Many of ways to use the Ushining is only limited by your imagination. With built-in magnets, it can easily be used as patio lighting and is a must for garage projects. Open up the hood of your car and magnet the light to your car. If your TV has a USB port(most new TVs do), just connect it ,and you have a backlit TV.

Using it on your adventure. It serves all your camping light needs. Used in either lantern mode or noodle mode, you get the perfect tent light or camping lantern to illuminate your campsite. No need for a headlamp when you can hang, stick or string 350 lumens of light anywhere. It is not your generic lantern, it gives you the flexibility of having both a lantern and a string light in one product.

package :
Includes 3 Universal Ties
Built-In Magnets
Rip-Stop Nylon Lantern Bag

It comes with 3 universal, you can stick it to the side of your car or picnic table and light up your night time activites. In the included rip-stop nylon bag, It acts just like a lantern by diffusing light .You can also hang it inside your tent or place it on your picnic table and it works just like a standard camping lantern. the rip-stop nylon bag to store your Ushining and accessories.

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