Bestway Sidewinder AC Air Pump – Black

Bestway Sidewinder AC Air Pump - Black
  • Suitable for inflatable beds, furniture and more
  • Comes with three different valve adapters
  • Features an inflation and deflation setting
  • Pump has mains compatible three pin plug and is GS and CE approved
  • AC220-240 V

Bestway Comfort Quest Sidewinder AC Air Pump is a swifter, simpler and far less tiring method of blowing up inflatables than using lung power alone. The pump has a voltage of 220-240V and a three pin plug to connect it to a mains socket. It also comes with three different valve adaptors for use with just about every inflatable, including airbeds and pools! The inflation process couldn’t be easier. Once the pump has been plugged in, fitted with the correct valve and connected to an inflatable it’s a simple case of pressing the on switch. The pump even has a deflation port so that an inflatable can be quickly taken down and packed away. It’s so lightweight and compact that it’s perfect for taking on your travels, too!

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