10 Litre Plastic Water Container Food Grade with Airflow Tap

10 Litre Plastic Water Container Food Grade with Airflow Tap
  • UN Tested For Leak And Impact…Very Strong Moulding
  • Certified For Food Grade Storage And Transport
  • 329mm High x 230mm Deep x 200mm Wide
  • Suitable For Stacking With Unique Interlock Mould
  • Visible Liquid Level and supplied with an Airflow Tap

High density clear Polyethylene plastic container ideal for the storage and transportation of liquids that include but are not exclusive to Water, Oil, Diesel, Paint, Chemicals, etc.

Extremely convenient carrying size and weight and complete with a screw on air tight cap.

It has a 60mm neck with 48mm internal diameter that allows both easy pouring and filling.

Imperial measurements: 12.5 High x 9.25 Deep x 8 Wide

Tap Description
This Airflow Dispensing Taps is perfectly suitable for the simple, clean and quick decanting of fluids without gurgling. The chamfered outlet spout (23mm) fits in narrow threaded necks and allows easy and clean dispensing. The tap has a high flow rate of 5 litres per minute, due to the patented ventilation system. The taps are leakproof even with aggressive chemical compounds and strongly creeping fluids.

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